Share your prototypes online

Design better experiences together

Collaboration hub for UI/UX designers, Product Managers, and Developers

Share and get feedback

Easily get your design online in a click and share it with the entire team. Enjoy efficient communication as well as quick feedback for constant improvement and stakeholder buy-in. Make the most of testing your design for an awesome user experience.

Comment on online prototype
Comment online

Let all team members contribute with their expertise in your online prototype.

Chat in online prototype
Chat on UI elements

Have chats on specific components of the UI for maximum communication.

User management in online prototype
User management

Create and manage users with specific roles like reviewers or developers.

Design hand-off for developers

Say goodbye to time-costly communication breakdowns. With Justinmind, design and development collaboration is stress-free. Keeping developers in the loop means your designs get built pixel perfect.

View css
View CSS

Developers can copy CSS styles that are up-to-date and easily at hand

Get assets
Get assets

Export any assets from the prototype for time efficiency

Measurements from online prototype
Sizes, distances and colors

View exact measurements, spacing and hex colors of the entire interface

Team work on prototype

Simultaneous co-edit

Multiple users can co-edit the same prototype, at the same time without any friction.

Version control

Our prototyping tool tracks all changes made, making sure no work is lost.

Online and offline

Lock your work and make changes safely while not connected – commit the changes when ready!

share and sync UI components

Design systems

Manage UI guidelines and boost productivity. You can create your own UI widget libraries and manage them in one place to stay in sync across all teams.

User testing before code

Thanks to our testing tool integrations, you can test the usability of your design in many ways. Enjoy everything from a heatmap or a deep testing of your navigation. Justinmind helps you get there faster and more efficiently!

User testing online protoypes

Collaboration made easy

Working in a team doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need the right tools, with features that help your team keep the communication going and the work organized.

Group users

Group your users to grant access to different projects or invite them to review the prototypes

Invite reviewers to prototypes
Reviewers and developers

Invite developers or reviewers, giving them access to all assets in the online prototype

Receive notifications

Always know when anything gets done in the prototype, including changes to current versions

On-premise collaboration
On-premise collaboration

Collaboration and prototyping is all done behind your firewall, safe and sound

Permissions and roles
Permissions, roles & repositories

Have total control over who can do what in your online prototype – no surprises

Ldap and saml integration
LDAP & SAML integration

Integrate the collaboration platform with your LDAP or SAML authentication repositories to streamline user user access