Free UI kits

4000+ interactive UI components to design hi-fi prototypes and wireframes

Justinmind Web UI kit


Web wireframing UI kit with 500+ components for websites and web apps

Justinmind iOS UI kit


All the iOS UI kit components, controls and layouts for native iOS mobile app prototypes

Justinmind Android UI kit


Fresh Android UI kit for Material Design apps with interactive components, controls and icons

Mobile wireframing UI kit

Mobile wireframing

Full spec free Mobile Wireframing UI kit with everything from cards to menus and more

Bootstrap UI kit


A range of Bootstrap UI kit components ranging from navigation elements and interactive controls

Justinmind MUI UI Components


In this UI kit you’ll find the MUI components with their interactions and look&feel

Justinmind Angular Material UI Kit

Angular Material

Material Design components true to Material style: interactive and versatile

Vuetify UI Kits


Vuetify UI library with interactive and customizable components

Justinmind Primefaces UI Kits


Primefaces UI components, including a variety of navigation elements and interactive controls

Forms and surveys UI kit for web and mobile

Forms and Surveys

Design usable forms in no time with our Forms and Surveys UI kit

Bootstrap Icons UI kit

Bootstrap Icons

Free Bootstrap icons library for any project, on any device, and in the highest quality

Atlassian UI kit


Design prototypes for JIRA, Confluence and more with the Atlaskit UI kit

Charts UI kit


Captivating Charts UI kit for dashboard designs that tell a story

Kendo UI kit


Kendo UI kit with templates and components for eye-catching web apps

Zurb Foundation UI kit

Zurb Foundation

Design Zurb products faster with the Foundation UI kit

Font Awesome UI kit

Font Awesome

Free Font Awesome UI kit with icons for pixel-perfect web and mobile prototypes

Salesforce UI kit


A Lightning Design UI kit for responsive Salesforce prototyping

Parallax UI kit


Parallax UI kit with pinned elements and scrolling speeds for parallax prototyping

Microsoft Fabric UI kit

Microsoft Fabric

Get Microsoft Office buttons, icons and themes with the Microsoft Fabric UI kit

Sketching UI kit


Sketch wireframe UI kit with a little bit of interactivity thrown into the mix



Design enterprise resource planning software with the SAP ERP UI kit

Justinmind Windows 10 Icon UI kit

Windows 10 Icons

Hundres of free icons for Windows prototypes with the Windows 10 Icons UI kit

Justinmind Windows 10 UI kit

Windows 10

Design Windows prototypes in Justinmind with the Windows 10 UI kit

Diagramming UI kit


Diagramming and flowchart maker kit to create easy and intuitive charts and graphics

US GOV Design System UI kit

US Gov Design System

The complete US Web Design Standards UI kit for Federal Government web design systems

iOS Icons UI Kit

iOS Icons

A bumper free iOS icons UI kit to spice up native mobile app prototypes

SAP Fiori UI kit

SAP Fiori

Responsive layouts, buttons, charts and more in the SAP Fiori UI kit

Justinmind Google Glass UI kit

Google Glass

Google Glass UI kit with cards and gestures for hi-fi Google Glass prototypes

Justinmind Apple Watch UI kit

Apple Watch

Apple watch UI kit complete with examples, icons, controls and dialogs

Oracle Fusion ERP UI kit

Oracle Fusion ERP

Design responsive ERP software in Justinmind with the Oracle Fusion ERP UI kit

Android Icons UI Kit

Android Icons

Over 500 free components in our Android Icons UI kit for app prototyping

Shopify UI kit


Design ecommerce webs and apps with the Shopify UI kit

Oracle Alta UI kit

Oracle Alta UI

Interactive components and elements to design UIs fast with the Oracle Alta UI kit