vr and ar designs for 3d experiences

Design and test VR and AR experiences

Test your designs in fully immersive context!

create virtual and augmented reality products with justinmind

Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Justinmind brings a new age in design, erasing logistical barriers to creating diverse digital products.

Augmented reality

Use Justinmind to place your prototype on top of the real world, like on a table or a wall.

Virtual reality

Create or download the entire environment, like the entire room with walls, tables and all.

create the right context of use with vr designs

Test your design in VR and AR environments

From an airplane cabin, the inside of a car, or a kitchen with a smart fridge. With our testing technology, the testing environment is whatever you say it is.

all vr and ar prototypes are accessible with a URL

VR and AR prototypes, no matter the device

All prototypes are reachable through a humble URL, which can be accessed in any VR/AR technology, including any kind of VR headset or even a simple mobile phone. All you need is the address.

create virtual and augmented reality products with justinmind

Easy setup, start designing and testing right away

Just tell Justinmind which part the prototype has to play. Download the scene or use the real world as the stage.

Dictate where the AR prototype needs to be

Using a printable tag, you can tell Justinmind where your prototype needs to be and interact with it as you would with a 2D design.

Download the setting and place the prototype within

Download the surroundings and specify the dimensions of the prototype. From there, you can hand-pick the right location for the design.